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Pick It Up and Toss No Mas!

Adopt a Clean-Up Zone!
Adopt a Clean-Up Zone!

You can make a difference — and have fun!

Pick the places you want to patrol, and let us know if you want to scour for litter weekly, twice a month, monthly or on some other schedule!
Whatever you choose, you're helping to make Silver City a better place!

Grab some friends!

You, your family, friends and colleagues can make a great litter-fighting team! Just make sure one of you is at least 18 years of age!

Pick a Zone!

The Town has identified 22 zones that could use some love — or pick a spot in Town beside your business, church or in your neighborhood!


Register below, online, by clicking a clean-up zone. You'll hear back from the Town by phone or email with more information!

Pick It Up!

The Town provides trash bags, safety vests, important safety information and more — and will pick up the trash when you are done!

So pick your zone below — and Thank You!

Pick the zone you want to patrol on the map below. You'll be taken to a registration page for that zone — and it takes just 60 seconds!
After registration, a representative from the Town will contact you with more information.

Here are some details about those zones!

Zone Primary St. Zone Description
01 Hwy. 180 West From Market St. Intersection to Law Enforcement Academy sign
02 Hwy. 180 West From Law Enforcement Academy sign to Silver City Town Limits sign
03 Hwy. 180 West From Silver City Town Limits sign to Mile Marker 112
04 Hwy. 180 West From Mile Marker 112 to Rose Valley RV Park sign
05 Hwy. 180 West From Rose Valley RV Park sign to Alabama St.
06 Hwy. 180 East From Silver City Town Limits sign to Baca's Funeral Home
07 Hwy. 180 East From Baca's Funeral Home to The Saddle Shop
08 Hwy. 180 East From The Saddle Shop to 32nd St. ByPass
09 Hwy. 180 East From Ranch Club Road to NM Motor Vehicle Department
10 Hwy. 180 East From NM Motor Vehicle Department to Werner Tire
11 Hwy. 180 East From Werner Tire to Pinos Altos Road
12 Hwy. 180 East Frontage area in front of Walgreens
13 Market St. 1421 Market (Combs St.) to 1805 Market St.
14 Market St. From 1805 Market St. to Hwy. 180 West
15 Hwy. 90 From Broadway to Veterans' Memorial Bridge
16 Hwy. 90 From Veterans Memorial Bridge to Victoria St.
17 Hwy. 90 From Victoria St. to Ridge Road/Cooper St. Intersection
18 Hwy. 90 From Ridge Road/Cooper St. Intersection to Harrison Schmidt School
19 Hwy. 90 From Harrison Schmidt School to Calvary Baptist Church
20 Hwy. 90 From Calvary Baptist Church to Turner Airport
21 Hwy. 90 From Turner Airport to Calvary Chapel
22 Ridge Road From Ridge Road/Cooper St Intersection to Mobile Drive

Adopt a Clean-Up Zone!
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Download the Litterati app for your smart phone, and watch Silver City work together!
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Covering your truck's and trailer's load is not just the law (Code 40-23.b): It's a great gesture to your neighbors and shows you care about your community. Silver City Police officers are looking for uncovered loads, so avoid an expensive ticket:
Keep trash, brush, recyclables and other loads securely covered!

Feedback and Suggestions

Register online to claim a clean-up zone here!
Do you have suggestions or feedback on our clean-up program? Need more information, or just want someone from the Town
to contact you? Send us a note! Someone from the Town will respond within 5 business days or fewer.