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Pick It Up —

  • and Toss No Mas!


    A new campaign, “Pick it Up and Toss No Mas,” encourages residents, neighborhoods, businesses, schools and organizations to partner with the Town of Silver City to pick up trash wherever and whenever they can, in addition to not tossing it in the first place. The public is invited to learn more at an 11:30 am meeting Thursday, September 20, at the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business and Conference Center, 3031 Highway 180 East. A light lunch will be provided.

    “Silver City is a beautiful place, and we want to make it even better by taking a renewed pride in our community and helping to keep it clean,” says Mayor Ken Ladner, who is leading the anti-litter effort. “I’m hoping that everyone recognizes that we are all responsible for caring for our community. We need to work together to keep Silver City beautiful.”

    Not tossing litter and picking it up is more than just a feel-good thing to do, Ladner added. “It’s a vital component to tourism and our local economy. “We get just one chance to make a first impression.”

    “Pick it Up and Toss No Mas” seeks ongoing commitments to keeping Silver City clean. Some 17 business owners along Highway 180 have already agreed to help keep highway frontage clear of trash, Ladner said, and will be recognized at the meeting. The beauty of this initiative, he added, is that anyone can create their own clean-up project. A website will be used to coordinate the efforts, and the town will provide garbage bags, safety vests and trash pickup.

    Another campaign component educates landfill users about the need to completely cover their loads to prevent garbage and other debris destined for the landfill from leaking out onto local streets. New signage will be installed at the landfill, and educational pamphlets distributed to landfill users. For more information about “Pick it Up and Toss No Mas,” please contact Mayor Ladner at (575) 313-3990,

Feedback and Suggestions

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Do you have suggestions or feedback on our clean-up program? Need more information, or just want someone from the Town to contact you? Send us a note! Someone from the Town will respond within 5 business days or fewer.